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Flight Calculator

Flight Calculator is a free Windows Phone application that calculates the carbon dioxide emissions for flights between international airports.

It was developed by RADsite in association with Carbon Footprint Ltd and uses the same airport database and calculation techniques as the free web-based flight calculators but without the inclusion of radiative forcing. Further details about the calculation techniques are available on the Carbon Footprint website.


Windows Phone Store

Download Flight Calculator
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How to use the application

  1. Select the class of travel and number of passengers from the dropdown lists.
  2. Click on the From, Via, or To boxes to choose the airports (the Via airport is optional).
  3. In the airport search box, enter the first few letters of the airport name, or the three letter IATA code, and press the Search button.
  4. If more than one airport matched your search, pick from the list of airports provided. If the airport you wanted isn't shown, try entering a few more letters.
  5. When you have selected two or three airports, choose whether the trip is a return or one-way journey and press the Calculate button.
  6. The emissions from your flight will be calculated, and you can press the Offset button to offset them through a choice of projects on the Carbon Footprint website.
  7. The Clear button clears all the flight data, and the Info button opens this help page.

Please note that the application will not work without a data connection.


Copyright & Licence

The Windows Phone application is copyright © RADsite Ltd 2013, all rights reserved. The application is provided "as is" on a "when available" basis with no warranties of any kind.

You are free to install and use the application and link to this web page. You must not reverse-engineer, distribute or sell the application in whole or in part, or use it for any other purpose without prior approval from RADsite.


Feedback & Custom Development

For any feedback about the application, or questions about licensing, please contact us.

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