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Web Application Development

We develop database-driven web applications for small business, public sector and corporate clients across a range of industries including automotive, environmental, construction, manufacturing, retail, and banking.

Many of these are internal web applications, hosted on corporate intranets, to replace systems based on Microsoft Excel or Access.

We also create commercial web applications hosted on the internet. Our web applications are custom-designed to provide functionality that is not available with off-the-shelf packages like e-Commerce stores and blogs. Our applications can include secure login and content management features, and take payments using a wide range of payment service providers.

Most of our web applications include a dedicated SQL Server database, but we can also build applications that connect to existing SQL Server or Oracle databases.

We work exclusively with Microsoft .NET, a cross-platform framework for building high performance, robust and scalable applications.

We can recommend a suitable hosting package and database and set them up for you, or adapt our solution to suit your preferred hosting environment, corporate coding standards, and security restrictions.

How We Work

We offer a full service for creating web applications, including business analysis, requirements gathering, solution design, software development, testing, implementation, maintenance and support.

Where possible, we like to hold workshops with key users and stakeholders to fully understand their requirements and engage them in the development process, as this often leads to a more successful implementation.

When we are able to challenge the system requirements and current ways of working, we can use our experience of similar applications to suggest more efficient alternatives, and this can help to streamline your business process.

We can work on a fixed price basis when requirements are clearly defined, or charge by the hour. If you are an entrepreneur with a great idea for a web application but limited capital, pitch it to us, and we may be interested in developing it as a joint venture.

Please contact us if you would like a quotation.

Here are some recent examples of database-driven web applications that we have designed, developed and implemented for our clients:

  • An internal work request system with a complex multi-stage workflow, where the routing of each request depends on the data entered at each stage. Detailed validation and interfaces to other systems ensure rapid entry of accurate data, and graphical metrics allow the management team to balance resources and detect bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
  • A commercial web application that automatically generates CAD drawings from numerical data pasted from a spreadsheet, and allows the customer to download them immediately, following a successful credit card payment.
  • An intranet project management tool to display graphical views of a complex project timing plan, filtered by different areas of responsibility. Users can update the progress of their tasks across multiple projects and produce automatic standardised reports for presentation to senior management.
  • A commercial website advertising environmental consultancy services, selling carbon offsets and emissions factors, taking payments and producing customised downloadable certificates and receipts. The administration area includes a powerful content management system, sales reporting tools and user account management features.
  • An intranet application that amalgamates data from multiple sources and creates complex electronic documents used for legal certification of high value products to multiple international standards. The application is highly configurable so the users can adjust it themselves to cope with frequent changes in legislation.
  • Systems to track and report on the testing and validation of engineering components, book test resources, and identify incompatibilities with the overall project timing plan.
  • A commercial website advertising professional training and consultancy services with course details, booking and enquiry facilities.
  • A system to allow the creation, change management, and validation of a specialised Bill of Materials throughout the different phases of a project.
  • Lots of custom carbon calculation and tracking tools.
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