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Page Names and URLs

The name that you choose for a page has a significant effect on search engine positioning.

All aspects of the URL can be considered by the search engine - typically this could include the domain, subdomain, folder, filename and query parameters. For example, consider the following URL:

https:// printers . bloggsindustries / inkjet / canon .aspx ? model = PIXMA_iP4950

The relevant parts, roughly in order of significance, are:

  • bloggsindustries is the domain name, which has the biggest effect, perhaps because it represents a significant investment to register a domain name and set up a website
  • is the top level domain, which will mean the search results are targeted mainly at UK users
  • printers is the subdomain, which is normally www and rarely used for SEO purposes
  • canon.aspx is the page name
  • inkjet is the folder name
  • PIXMA_iP4950 is the query parameter value
  • model is the query parameter name


The URL for this page is, which means it should do relatively well for UK-based searches on "radsite" and "page names". Since "radsite" is part of the domain, it is likely to have a bigger effect than "page names".

With most content management systems, the only aspect of the URL you can change is the page name. It's important to pick one that contains key search terms and describes succintly what the page is about. You should use only alphanumeric characters with hyphens or underscores instead of spaces if required.

The RADsite CMS also allows you to define the folder name for your pages, and can be configured to publish your website across multiple domains and subdomains. This can have a huge effect on search engine positioning if used carefully for a small number of key search phrases.

To specify the page and folder name, double-click the page in the menu, the modify the Page Name on the Page tab. If you have multiple domains configured for your website, select another Page Type to publish the page to another domain.

Changing the page name in the RADsite CMS