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Custom Software

Our programming skills are not just limited to web applications. We are also experienced in Visual Basic macros and scripting, and can produce fast, efficient compiled applications in C#.

Engineering Software

We are particularly experienced in creating software for engineering applications. We offer a rare combination of skills - all our software is developed by a chartered engineer with a background of design, development and computer aided engineering in the automotive industry.

We have created specialised engineering utilities for our clients using standalone console applications, DIAdem scripting, and Microsoft Excel macros. However, we would advise caution when using Excel for large or business critical applications, as a custom web application may be a better solution.

Data Processing

We also create data conversion and batch processing tools, and can provide huge productivity improvements for many repetitive tasks. Examples include automated processing of parts lists or status reports, and bulk data conversion tools to enable rapid transfer of data between different software applications.

Backup Software

A robust data backup process can be critical to business continuity, particularly for companies with e-commerce or custom web applications. Like all computers, file servers and web servers can fail, and if they do, you need to recover the data quickly and reliably.

Every client has different backup needs, and out-of-the-box solutions do not always provide the best compromise. For each type of data, you need to consider how often should you take a backup? How long should you keep it? Where should you store it?

RADsite can help you analyse your backup needs, and then provide custom software for you to automate the process. We have developed tools to perform scheduled database backups, compress them on the web server, copy them to remote cloud storage, and delete old server copies according to a customisable retention strategy. The process is resilient, notifying administrators by email if the backup repeatedly fails after making several attempts.

These are just some examples of the custom software we have developed, and we have a wide range of tools and experience at our disposal to help solve complex business problems. If you have an inefficient but repeatable process, contact us to see how custom software can make it faster and more robust.

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